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Intuitive, Psychic, Life Coach, Dream Interpretation, Tarot

I am a professional Intuitive, Life Coach and Psychic. My gift has been present my entire life. As I got older, I used it to help family and friends but never truly embraced it until three years ago. Out of nowhere, I developed the most painful headache and began to see flashes of light. I collapsed on the floor. As my friends around me were bringing me back to consciousness and giving me water, my cell phone rang. It was emergency personnel contacting me to get to the hospital, as my son had been in a car accident, resulting in head and facial injuries, He is fine now. It was at that moment, that I began to embrace my God Gift to its fullest. I have strengthened my abilities that continue to grow stronger each day. Recognizing the powerful connection that I have been blessed, I have focused on aiding others in their journeys.

I have been blessed with a gift that gives me joy as a result of helping others. We are always on a path and sometimes we become stuck or unsure of which turn to take in our journey. My greatest rewards come when I work with others to help them discover their path to loving themselves and living their lives to their best potential. Using my natural born gifts, I will help you understand and resolve personal conflicts in your professional and personal relationships help you discover your true self, and prepare you for your future.

During our reading, we will work together to determine which path is best for you in your journey. Using my intuitive and psychic gifts, dream interpretations and Tarot, I will help you see things more clearly and embrace your genuine self. Together, we will focus on your energy and what surrounds you. I will tap into the heart and minds of those individuals that are impacting your life to help guide us to a clearer understanding. Often, we do not know who our true selves and are wandering aimlessly on our path. I want to guide you to that clarity. My hope is to give you the ability to travel your path with clearer insight and understanding. Let me help you discover your truth so that you can live your life to the absolute fullest.


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