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More info about Astara

Psychic, Clairsentient, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Guidance, Reiki Healer

Greetings and Welcome to my bio-page!

I am Astara. I am a psychic, intuitive energy reader, empath, tarot reader,angel reader and a spiritual healer. With my readings, I am here to help you receive the guidance towards the path of finding truth,clarity and healing. I carry out readings in connection with my team of Angelic, Fairy Guides and Spirits, and with your team of Guides.

I read on love, relationships, business, career, money, travel, life-purpose, family or office matters, past, present, future, messages from your Angels, messages from your Spirit Guides and dream interpretations. I will give you the answers and messages how I receive from our Guides, and I will always be completely honest and truthful to sharing/saying whatever they tell me or show me.

I am a very kind and compassionate reader, but straightforward as well. I do not sugarcoat. Remember that the messages/answers that you will get to hear for your questions may not always be positive. So please be prepared to hear the truth and to be able to deal with it. With my readings I can help you see which path will be for your highest good and which will be possibly not.My readings come with a tone of inspiration and empowerment for you to be able to make the right choices.

The predictions about the future are only the most likely events that can happen in your future, based on your current path and energies. Our future is not something set in stone- energies keep shifting based on our actions and inaction. The power of our free-will choices and decisions taken by us and the presence of third parties can change the course of these predicted events in future; especially the readings involving timelines. Because timing is fluid.

I am here to help you find the clarity and guidance,to help you take control of your life by helping you understand and recognize that you carry the power of transforming and living your life in the best possible way.

As a disclaimer, I have to add that I am professionally not qualified to give readings on medical/health, pregnancy/childbirth, death, legal matters and lotto numbers.

I am also a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Spirituality Coach/Advisor, Certified Energy-Angel, Fairy and Crystal Healer, Certified Happiness Coach and I can carry out healing sessions for clearing and healing of blockages.

Sending so much Love and Blessings,looking forward to connecting and reading for you.

I do not answer questions on:
* Names or initials of your future partner/spouse
* Looks of a person (Questions like he is fair or black? What color are his eyes/hair? Is he tall or short? )
*Finding lost/missing people,pets or items
*INTIMACY: Sex life (questions like if my partner is having sex with someone else? Will we have sex? Will we hug or kiss? )
* Validation of a baby's parents
* Mediumship or contact with deceased people( I don't do these work over instant chat)

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